5 of the best hotels for a winter elopement in New York

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5 of the best hotels for a winter elopement in New York

Hotels are a great choice for a winter elopement, they provide everything you need for a perfect New York elopement. You have a place to take pictures, a place to celebrate and a place for a small ceremony with great views! Hotels also offer a sense of intimacy as your ceremony could be really private and isn’t in the eyes of the public. Hotels are a great choice for a New York elopement! Here are 5 of the best hotels to elope in Manhattan along with some tips about how to pull off the perfect hotel elopement in New York!

Top-5  hotels for a winter elopement in New York

1) The Plaza Hotel. The Plaza is a 5 star hotel located in midtown Manhattan. This hotel is opposite Central Park and only about a mile from the Empire State Building. They offer penthouse suites which have beautiful views of the city and of Central Park where you can have the ceremony. The Plaza has a very high end restaurant to celebrate after your ceremony called “The Palm Court”. They also offer a holiday afternoon tea. The Plaza offers a royal wedding location for you and your new partner. After the celebration you can have a wedding photo session all around the stunning hotel with your New York elopement photographer.

2) The Times Square Edition. This 5 star hotel is located right in the heart of Times Square. You will be right in the middle of all the action that is New York City! They offer penthouse suites with stunning views of the Hudson River and Times Square where you can have your ceremony. This hotel also has a high end restaurant to celebrate after the ceremony called “The Terrace” where you can celebrate and see stunning views of the city. Your New York elopement photographer can get pictures of you and your new partner around the terrace, hotel and Times Square! This hotel offers a very high end elopement winter wedding.

3) The Ink 48 Hotel. This 4 star hotel is located in midtown. This trendy hotel is a great laid back New York elopement idea. They offer a penthouse suite with a huge rooftop terrace that has stunning views of the Hudson River and Manhattan where you can have your ceremony. They have an in-house restaurant called “PRINT” where you can go and celebrate after your ceremony. This hotel offers a sophisticated but laid back hotel elopement in New York.

4) The Mark Hotel. Located on the upper east side of Manhattan this 5 star hotel provides a vintage and charming New York City elopement. They have penthouse suites where you can have the ceremony that offers great views of Central Park and the city skyline. They have a Eclectic restaurant called “The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges” where you can celebrate, have a nice meal and take wedding photos with your New York elopement photographer.

5) The Marmara Park Avenue. This 5 star hotel located in midtown is such a charming New York elopement idea! They have penthouse suites that have stunning views of the Empire State Building where you can have the ceremony. You can celebrate after at “OneOneFour” which is an on site restaurant that also offers food and drinks in a fashionable casual lounge. This hotel offers a great easy going option for a hotel elopement in New York.


How to elope in the hotels in NYC?

You will need to book your favorite hotel at least a couple months in advance, even 6 just to be sure they have the biggest and best penthouse available for you. This way you will be able to get ready in one room and then elope on the beautiful terrace. You will need to get a marriage license beforehand as well. You can get your license at the City Clerk’s office in New York. The office is located in The Louis J. Lefkowitz State Office Building. You will not be able to just show up at the office so you will need to schedule an in-person appointment through Project Cupid which can be found at https://www.cityclerk.nyc.gov/content/. Once you schedule an appointment you will get a confirmation email.

Taking Pictures

Having a hotel elopement in New York makes taking wedding pictures very easy. These fancy hotels mentioned above have beautiful lobbies and terraces that make them perfect so your New York wedding photographer can take magical pictures of your and your partner on your special day. If your hotel is close to Central Park or Times Square like most of the ones I mentioned are, you will be able to walk to Times Square for photos or Central Park. Both locations are stunning for your elopement winter wedding!

How we can help you?

Be sure to have a New York elopement photographer to capture the special moments and a New York wedding officiant to perform the ceremony. You can have rose petals and candles scattered around your hotel room. We can also provide a hotel room makeover to dazzle your room even more! You can talk about these details with your New York wedding planner who will help you plan a lovely and stress-free New York elopement!

We hope you found this article helpful when you are planning a hotel elopement in New York.

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How to to plan a stunning winter wedding ceremony in Central Park?

Central Park is a winter wonderland during wintertime. A Central Park wedding provides a stunning and well-known location for your New York wedding. Central Park is also really great for pictures as it has so many different photo opportunities. Your New York elopement photographer can capture all of the magical moments from your Central Park wedding! Central Park was featured in numerous romantic Hollywood movies like “When Harry met Sally” and “Serendipity”. I can’t think of a more intimate and romantic outdoor wedding venue in New York! Here are some insights to help you get started on your Central Park wedding.

How to Elope in Central Park: To begin you will need your marriage license. You can get your license at the City Clerk’s office in New York. The office is located in The Louis J. Lefkowitz State Office Building. You will not be able to just show up at the office so you will need to schedule an in-person appointment through Project Cupid which can be found at https://www.cityclerk.nyc.gov/content/. Once you schedule an appointment you will get a confirmation email. Next, you will need to get your Central Park wedding permit. You should apply for a Special Events permit if 20 or more people are planning to attend your small wedding in New York. It takes 30 days to process a permit so you will need to apply at least 30 days before the event. You will need to apply online at http://nyc.gov/parks. There is also a $25 application fee.

How to navigate around Central Park?

No vehicles or pedicab drop offs are permitted for your Central Park wedding. You can book a horse and carriage ride for your drop off or pick up to your New York elopement. You can book a special occasion horse and carriage ride at https://www.centralpark.com/tours/horse-carriage-rides. Be sure to book in advance as they do fill up during the winter months. Be sure to have a New York elopement photographer capture all these little details with pictures you will love forever!
Perfect time for ceremony: As the day goes on Central Park gets more and more crowded so it’s best to do the ceremony in the morning. The morning also provides warmer weather than the evening so you’re not freezing during your small wedding in New York.

Best Winter Wedding locations in Central Park

  • Belvedere castle. This mini castle is stunning for all you “Downton Abbey” fans out there. This location is good for large groups as it’s a very open location. Located atop Vista Rock which is mid-park at 79th. The closest subway stop is at 81st Street: Museum of Natural History Station on the A, B, and C lines. Wagner cove: This secluded and intimate spot is perfect for a private spot to have a small Central Park wedding. This location is great for small groups of your closest family and friends. Located mid-park at 72nd St. Which is just west of Cherry Hill. The closest station to Wagner Cove is Central Pk W/W 72 St which is about a 5 minute walk to the cove.


  • Bethesda terrace. This stunning well known two level plaza is perfect for your New York elopement. This spot provides a very open space so it is ideal for a larger crowd. The location also is well covered so it provides a perfect spot in case it’s raining or snowing! Located at Mid-Park at 72nd. The 72 St station is the nearest one to Bethesda Terrace. This location is classy, has a pretty fountain and has beautiful park views.


Where to celebrate

  • Tavern on the Green: This historic Central Park restaurant is stunning and great for your small New York weddding. Tavern on the Green was also featured in some Hollywood movies like “Arthur” and “Alfie.” This restored icon is stunning and perfect for your Central Park wedding. This location also has a pretty courtyard and garden seating. You can have your New York wedding photographer capture all of the celebration. Located near the intersection of Central Park West and West 66th Street on the Upper West Side.


  • The Loeb Boathouse: This beautiful boathouse is right on the lake. This restaurant provides great food and stunning views while you celebrate. You can have your New York wedding photographer capture all of the perfect little moments. Located right in the middle of Central Park. This spot also has a covered terrace which is perfect in either rain or shine!

How we can help you out

Be sure to have a New York elopement photographer to capture the special moments and a New York wedding officiant to perform the ceremony. You can have also have rose petals and candles scattered made into a pretty heart when you pick your perfect spot in Central Park. You can talk about all the little details with your New York wedding planner who will help you out with everything to put together a perfect Central Park wedding.

We hope you found this article useful and helpful when you are planning a New York elopement. We will be more than happy to help you out with all of your Central Park wedding needs!


If you were planning to get eloped in New York, but don’t know how to start the planning, contact us now at info@daretodream.com and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable day in your life.

Do you need a music for you elopement ceremony?

Modern elopements are not the same as they used to be back in the days when the couple was running away from the house and secretly got married.
Nowadays planning your elopement takes as much time and effort as planning your big fancy wedding. The only difference is the sizing of the event. It is a common misconception to think that if the couple is getting eloped they don’t need to follow the official ceremony rules.

But the beauty of the elopement is that you can mix and match all the things that you like and dislike about the wedding and create your own. So if you want to have the formal processional (when the bride walks down the aisle and the music is playing) you absolutely should do that.
That introduction music is the most crucial moment of the ceremony as it announces the bride’s appearance and gives everyone a couple of seconds to get ready. Usually, the father of the bride is the one who walks her down the aisle, so if you decide to do that, take your time, walk slowly and appreciate every step you are making with your dad or your friend.
Again, most couples who get eloped don’t do that, but it is a beautiful tradition and if you want to incorporate it into your elopement you should do it.

We absolutely love it when our couples decide to add music to their ceremony. It can be a violin or a string quartet, a harp, or a guitarist playing your favorite song. The most common music for the bride’s introduction is the wedding march, it is formal and safe. But again you do you and if you want some modern piece of music to be played at your wedding, just do it.
If you don’t know what song to play, choose the instrument first, and then ask the musician for suggestions. Wedding musicians usually have lists with all the wedding songs that they ever played, so most likely you will find something you like.
Another great idea is to include first dance into your elopement, especially if you already have a musician on site. It is a great way to take the stress off after the ceremony and just enjoy that couple of minutes as the newlyweds.

Top 5 most popular first dance songs:

  1. Aerosmith ” I don’t want to miss a thing”
  2. Ed Sheeran ” Thinking out loud”
  3. Berlin ” Take my breath away”
  4. Maroon 5 ” Sugar”
  5. Eric Clapton ” Wonderful tonight


Music that you will play at your wedding will stay with you forever, it is a sweet memory that will always remind you of that special day in your life. So if you think that elopement is a simple and fast ceremony, you are right. But it can also be more formal and include such elements as a procession and the first dance. Even if you don’t have any guests and it is just the two of you, it is still a very important day in your life and you can celebrate it the way you want it.

If you were planning to get eloped in New York, but don’t know how to start the planning, contact us now at info@daretodream.com and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable day in your life.

How to elope on the High Line Park?

The High Line Park is the modern elevated park, which was built on a former New York Central Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan. The park runs from Gansevoort Street (couples blocks below the 14th street) through Chelsea to the northern edge of the West Side Yard on 34th street near the Javits Center. Right now the High Line park is one of the most visited parks in New York and a real gem of modern architecture.

High Line Park regulations regarding weddings

  1. The High Line Park is open daily, but the hours of operation vary by season. For example, from June to September the park is open from 7 am till 11 pm. But December through March it is 7 am – 7 pm.
  2. You can not walk in the grass, pick up flowers, and block paths. It is a public park and if you decided to have your ceremony here be prepared for the other people to be around.
  3. For weddings of 20ppl and less, you don’t need a special permit. But, if you want to have any sort of decorations (candles, flowers, arch, etc) you need to apply for the park permit. Last year the permit was $150 and you need to apply at least 2 weeks before your event date.
  4. The permit does not give you permission to block any paths or restrict access to any park areas. Also, no alcohol is allowed on the park territory.
  5. No drones are allowed in the park. Also, photos and videos are permitted unless the photographer is using the tripods and other big equipment that block the area.

So if you have a small group of people for your ceremony and you agree with the park regulations, you can start to look for the location. There are lots of great spots along the park and some of them have the Hudson river views or the Midtown street views or the modern architecture view. We would highly recommend visiting the park in advance and choose a spot.

Best wedding locations in High Line Park

This neighborhood has lots of fantastic restaurants and bars, so you don’t need to go far to celebrate. Here are some of our favorite spots around the park:

  1. Tiffany and Co, foundation overlook
    This spot is located at Gansevoort Street, right by the Whitney Museum Of American Art. It is off the walking path and you can have the place all for yourself.
  2. 10th avenue square overlook.
    This overlook is located right at the 17th street entrance and has fantastic views of the city. Ideal location for a seated ceremony.
  3. 23rd street lawn and seating steps.
    Another great location for a larger group. Here you can have a modern architecture building in your shot as well as the Hudson river views. It is also the only location where you are allowed to sit on the grass, so picnics are welcome.

Where to celebrate after the High Line Park wedding ceremony?

This neighborhood has lots of fantastic restaurants and bars, so you don’t need to go far to celebrate. Here are some of our favorite spots around the park:

  1. Del Posto (85 10th Av, NY)
    Michelin star Italian restaurant with the private dining areas.
  2. STK Downtown ( 26 Little W 12th st)
    A steakhouse with the roof deck. Perfect for casual dining.
  3. TAO Downtown ( 92 9th ave, NY)
    Asian fusion restaurant with fancy decor. Perfect for a larger crowd.
  4. Gallow Green ( 542 west 27th st, NY)
    Roof lounge with the green garden, ideal for summer brunch celebrations.
  5. Electric Lemon ( 33 Hudson Yards, 24th floor, NY)
    New American restaurant with the terrace, overlooking the Vessel.




We hope that you will find this information useful and if you are considering getting elope on the High Line Park, contact us now at info@daretodream.nyc and our experienced team will help you to make your wedding day unforgettable and stress-free.

How to elope when it’s raining?

The weather in New York is absolutely unpredictable. And sometimes it rains on your wedding day. In some cultures, rain is a good symbol of prosperity and blessing for the couple. In others, it is a bad omen. And while the rainy day wedding was not in your plan, Mother Nature has its own plans and the best you can do is just to be ready for the day to hit differently. So how to prepare for a rainy day wedding?

How to elope on a rainy day?

  1. Discuss plan “B” with your partner and planner.
    First of all, discuss with your partner if the rain would be a deal-breaker for you. Can you move the ceremony to another day? Another location? Or should you initially look for the covered location?
    If you are planning a small elopement ceremony in a park with immediate family members you can always move to another covered spot within the park. For example, in Central Park, The Ladies Pavilion, Wagner’s Cove, and the Bethesda Terrace would provide a cover in case of rain.
    If you know that a rainy day wedding is not what you had in mind, the best option would be to secure a venue that has both inside and outside options. Always ask your planner what is plan “B” in case the weather would be acting up. Include that information in your invitations, so that your guests know in advance where they need to go.
  2. Embrace the rain
    If you know that it’s going to rain on your wedding day, the best thing you can do is to embrace the rain and come prepared. We always recommend getting those clear umbrellas as it’s perfect for the pictures and looks amazing in any setting. Get a white or clear raincoat and don’t forget the rain boots. From experience, the rainy day pictures actually look much better than the sunny ones, because there are no harsh lines. Overcast brings soft lighting and images look moody and more interesting. Plus the umbrellas make the images more interesting. So from the photographer’s point of view, rainy day ceremonies are more romantic.
  3. Transportation
    Make sure you have a preassigned car that will bring you to the ceremony location and back. There is nothing worse than waiting for an uber for 20 minutes under the pouring rain. If you have a group of 10 people or more, it is better to get a limo, so that everyone can be transported at once. Please note that no cars are permitted in Central Park, so if you choose a location which is far from the entrance, you will have to walk there. In this case, always come in your rain boots and change to the shoes on the spot.

Overall, light rain is not a big deal and it won’t change your wedding plans. The more harsh rain might be a problem but again with the right attitude and preparation, it won’t be the end of the world. Just don’t stress out too much about it and be ready to change your plans. Once we had a couple who refused to get umbrellas and by the end of the ceremony, they took off their shoes and just danced in the puddles. It was such a pure intimate moment, we all cried and admired this couple’s attitude. So if you can’t change it, embrace it.

If you are planning to get married this summer/ fall season and don’t know where to start contact us now and our experienced team will help you create the wedding day of your dreams.

How to get married on the Top of the Rock?

Top of the Rock is one of the best observation decks in New York. Its iconic look and comfortable location make it a desirable spot for small weddings and marriage proposals. Have you ever dreamed of saying “I do” with the best view of the city? If yes, here is everything you need to know before choosing this location for your ceremony.

Top of the Rock Proposal

  1. Hours of operation and weather
    Top of the Rock is open Monday to Friday from 10 am – 10 pm, with the working hours varying on the major Holidays. It can not be reserved for a private ceremony and no area can be blocked or restricted. In case of inclement weather, some parts of the deck can be closed and guests will be notified about the visibility conditions prior to the entrance. So chances that there will be no view are high.
  2. Decorations
    Unfortunately, no decorations are allowed. Top of the Rock does not permit any confetti, balloons, food and beverages, amplified music. So, in general, you can bring a flower bouquet and some “just married” signs that you hold in your hands, but nothing is permitted on the floor.
  3. Tickets
    You have two options for the entrance. The first one is the general admission tickets and these tickets are purchased for a specific day and time. You need to be sure that everyone from your group has the same entrance time on their tickets.
    Vip ticket entrance is more flexible and you can enter at any time during the selected day. This option is perfect for rainy day weddings or when someone from the group is running late. Also, these types of tickets provide priority elevator access, so you don’t need to wait in lines.
  4. ViewIt goes without saying that Top of the Rock has magnificent views of the NYC skyline and it has a direct view of the Empire State Building. Since the area can not be booked for a private event, be aware that the other guests will be taking pictures around as well. As mentioned earlier, there might be no view due to rain or heavy fog, but you will be notified prior to the entrance in this case.
  5. Photography
    In general, Top of the Rock does not allow tripods and professional equipment on the deck. You can have a photographer and videographer with you, but they can not have any equipment that stands on the ground. Top of the Rock wedding photography is always stunning and you can always take some additional pictures along 5th avenue, Rockefeller Center Plaza, and the Radio City Music Hall.


We would highly recommend the Top of the Rock wedding ceremony to couples who are looking for a great view and are fine with sharing the space with other people. Also, it is ideal for the small group, but might be uncomfortable with the 20 ppl in attendance. If this sounds too uncomfortable for you, we would recommend looking for private rooftop venues where you can invite more people, provide seating and decorate the space the way you want it.

If you are planning to elope and don’t know where to start, contact us now at info@daretodream.nyc and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable wedding experience.

What are the best man’s duties at the wedding?

The best man is the groom’s right-hand man before and during the wedding. It is usually a best friend or a family member appointed by the groom. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, so the main best man’s duty is to assist the groom in every way. It absolutely depends on a couple of how much they want the best man to be involved and sometimes he can get involved in the planning process or his duties can start only from the wedding day.

Before the wedding, the best man is usually responsible for a couple of things:

  1. Helping to choose formal wear. It is common for the best man to help the groom choosing the best outfit for the wedding. And picking the colors for the rest of the groomsmen.
  2. Planning the bachelor party. This is the best man’s responsibility to find a place, invite people, plan transportation and accommodations for the party.
  3. Organize the present from the groomsmen.
  4. Assist the groom in planning and attend the rehearsal and be present at all events organized by the couple.

At the wedding, the best man is responsible:

  1. Help the groom get dressed.
  2. Take charge of the wedding rings.
  3. Stand by the groom’s side during the ceremony.
  4. Sign the marriage license as a witness
  5. Drive the couple to the reception ( if there no driver)

At the reception:

  1. Be the host and make sure everyone finds their seats
  2. Give the toast
  3. Assist the photographer to get everyone for the formal pictures
  4. Dance with the bride and maid of honor
  5. Help to deliver the presents to the couple’s apartment after the wedding


Can you have the best man when you are eloping? Yes, absolutely. The fact that you have an elopement instead of the traditional big wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the elements of the conventional wedding. So feel free to merge all the elements that you want into your ceremony: Ring-bearer and the flower girl (what a great way to incorporate kids into the ceremony), best man, and the maid of honor (these are the people you trust the most, so make that day special for them as well), bridal bouquet toss (such a fun way to entertain your guests and kids can take part as well), first dance (perfect way to connect with your partner and just enjoy that special moment). Also, don’t be afraid to break the traditions, if your golden retriever is your best friend, make him a dog of honor and enjoy your time together. The beauty of the elopement is that there are no strict rules in there and you are free to create your own perfect day.

If you are planning to get married this year and don’t know where to start, contact us now at info@daretodream.nyc and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable day of your life.

5 New York Elopement venues for the Spring wedding

Top 5 Elopement venues for the Spring wedding in NYC.

Spring in New York is absolutely fabulous. It is a perfect time for outdoor events and celebrations, so if you were planning to elope during this tender season, here are our top 5 elopement venues for the spring wedding.

  1. New york botanical garden.

    This venue is all you ever wish for, plus a little more. 250 acres of exotic plants and trees, greenhouses, and conservatory, this place is absolutely stunning at any season. During the spring, the Botanical Gardens are covered in blooming magnolia trees, which is the best time for an intimate elopement ceremony. Please note that you will need to apply for the ‘special occasion photography permit’ in order for your photographer to shoot there freely, but besides that, the gardens don’t have any strict regulations. Bronx Botanical Gardens is open daily from 10 am – 6pm.

  2. Private rooftop garden

    If you always dreamed of a venue that is private and has magnificent views of Manhattan, this place is just right for you. The luxury rooftop garden is located in the heart of 5th avenue, overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has a huge inside room and lavish outdoor garden. The terrace is available Monday – Friday only, from 9 am – 12 pm. It is also conveniently located near Central Park so that you can have your photo session there later.

  3. Empire Stores rooftop in Dumbo

    This location is the real hidden gem of Brooklyn. Imagine eloping on a rooftop with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in the background. This location is ideal for sunset ceremonies as you can see the whole Manhattan skyline and the East River from there. This area is famous for its spectacular views and outstanding dining. This public rooftop is open daily from 8 am – 12 am and can accommodate up to 20 ppl standing.

  4. Central Park

    The world-famous park is ideal for outside wedding ceremonies. If you are looking for a place that has outstanding greenery, private gazebos, and a city view, this park is right for you. For a small and intimate ceremony, go with the Wagner’s cove or the Ladies Pavilion, if you have more than 10 guests the Cop Cot or the Belvedere castle would be a great fit. There are two restaurants within the park, so you can have your dinner celebration walking distance away. Or host a picnic on the famous Great lawn.

  5. Private sailing boat

    This option is perfect for early mornings or sunset ceremonies. Just imagine getting married on a deck with the first rays of the sun and the Statue of Liberty in your background. The sailing boat can accommodate up to 10 people and has an inside room where you can host your celebration. This option is perfect for non-traditional couples who want to add a little adventure into their life. Be aware that most of the rentals are from 2 to 4 hours and the weather can differ from the one onshore, so dress in layers. You are welcome to bring your food and beverages or can add the catering option with the rental.

How can we help:

We are always searching for the most unique and affordable venues in the city to offer to our clients and we truly believe that the perfect wedding should be stress-free, easy, and affordable.

All of our packages include a professional photographer, experienced officiant, and charming coordinator, together we are dedicated to making your special day unique and flawless. To start planning your elopement ceremony please contact us directly at info@daretodream.nyc or call directly at (917) 960-2050

Five things you should know before eloping in spring

Spring in New York is always a magical time; the snow has melted, birds are singing, and air brings that feeling of the new beginning and new life cycle. The blooming season in New York usually starts in mid-March till the end of April, and it is the most tender time of the year in the city. This is the perfect time to say “I Do,” and if you are looking for a spring elopement ceremony, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Weather

Even though the snow has already melted by this time, it is still relatively cold outside, so always dress in layers and bring warm boots with you.  There is always a possibility of rain, so we always recommend having a backup plan. Either bring the umbrellas and style your ceremony with cute umbrella shots, or you will need to move the ceremony to the covered spot. 

2. Venue

As mentioned earlier, this season is famous for its unstable weather conditions, so if you want to be sure that nothing will ruin your perfect day, we always recommend going with the elopement venues. Our favorites are the one that has an inside room and an outside terrace so that you will be covered in case of rain but also will have a terrace for the styled shoots. Most of the venues offer one-hour rentals and can accommodate up to 10 people. Please note that those types of venues do not offer reception or after ceremony options.

3. Permits

Spring is a very popular time for weddings and elopement ceremonies, so if you have a specific day and place in mind, it is always better to get a permit and secure the spot. In Central Park, places as Wagner’s Cove, Cop Cot, or the Ladies Pavilion are known for long wedding lines, and if you want to avoid unnecessary stress, you need to get a permit. All permits need 30 days’ notice for processing. The same applies to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the High Line. 

4. Colors 

The biggest highlight of spring in New York is the cherry blossoms season. If you plan to elope around this time, try to incorporate those pastel pink colors into your ceremony. It can be a hairpin or a bridal bouquet, groom’s tie, or a boutonniere, this is the perfect opportunity to blend pink and nature awakening colors into your wedding. If pink is not your color to wear, but you would love to elope around the blossoming trees, the best places for an elopement ceremony will be Central Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Riverside Park, and Roosevelt Island. 

5. Photography 

Cherry blossoms create a very romantic and delicate look for the wedding pictures and enhance the natural colors, so if you were looking for those intimate, tender pictures, this would be a perfect time. Always discuss the style of the pictures that you have in mind with your photographer. Bring some props for the shoot, such as picnic umbrellas or the “just married” sign. Pastel color balloons and simple flower bouquets would look stunning in the pictures. 
The beginning of spring is a time of renewal and optimism, and it is the perfect time to start something new and look towards the bright future.  Eloping in spring is romantic and elegant, and if that’s your favorite time of the year, contact us now at info@daretodream.nyc, and our professional team will help you to create the perfect wedding day for you and your partner. 

Nicolas and Neecha flower heart ceremony in Central Park.

One of the most romantic elopement options that we offer is the flower heart ceremony. Fresh flowers complement any space and make the ceremony more elegant and tasteful.

Nicolas had a very clear vision of how he wanted his ceremony to look and asked for the red roses and red bridal bouquet and boutonniere. At first, we were surprised by the color choices, but when we saw the couple everything made sense. They both were wearing black! What a unique and stylish choice it was. They looked absolutely fantastic and red roses complimented the look so much.The ceremony was taking place at the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park and this place is known for its gorgeous views and resemblance with the English countryside with its wildflowers and plants.

It was a very intimate ceremony with only three guests and an officiant, but they wanted to include the whole family, so there was a separate phone stand streaming an online ceremony for family and guests from around the world.

After the sweet and short ceremony, Nicolas and Neecha exchange the vows and the rings and were pronounced husband and wife. Nicolas kissed his wife’s hand and the newlyweds shared a kiss.
The just-married couple walked around the park taking pictures with our professional photographer and received compliments and congratulations from the strangers.
Congratulations Nicolas and Neecha on your special day and we wish you a lifetime full of happiness and love.

If you are planning to elope in New York and are looking for an intimate ceremony, contact us now at info@daretodream.nyc, and our experienced team will help you to create the most beautiful day in your life.