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Dare to Dream is the destination for small, pop-up, and micro weddings in NYC. You dream big and we make it a reality. We bring the taste of luxury to all of our clients’ weddings, no matter what size budget. Our expert team will work with you to provide a completely customized plan filled with all of the special details that express your individual love. Tatiana Caicedo, our talented wedding planner and Vlad Leto, our NYC famous wedding photographer have planned and photographed over 100 micro weddings over the past three years. They love what they do and dare to dream big. Are you ready to take the plunge?

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Vlad’s wealth of experience is one that captures the pure and true emotions during life’s most important moments. He works diligently with each client to focus on trying each element of a proposal or small luxury wedding together.

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Vlad Leto


Photo 83 Wedding packages in New York | Micro and small wedding packages in New York
Photo 85 Wedding packages in New York | Micro and small wedding packages in New York

Tatiana Caicedo


Tatiana Caicedo is a seasoned event and wedding planner specializing in luxury weddings. She has planned and coordinated hundreds of weddings in NYC. This experience is where she realized how expensive weddings in NYC can be,

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Whether you choose a small, intimate wedding or a spectacular, gala event, you’ll still need to make many choices for your special day. From choosing a venue and negotiating contracts to picking perfect flower arrangements, photographers and music, the details can be very overwhelming.

How to plan a small wedding in New York

More and more couples are choosing to skip large, flashy weddings in favor of a smaller, more intimate wedding package in NYC. In New York, the average wedding for 100 guests takes a full year to plan and costs upwards of $ 70,000, including a venue, photographer, dinner, and live band. Small, pop-up weddings typically have no more than 20 guests, making them much easier to plan and far more affordable. Our expert team flawlessly executes small wedding packages for numerous happy couples, creating an intimate atmosphere and memorable event without breaking the bank. When planning a small wedding in New York, it’s important to begin with your guest list as the typical small wedding package will be designed for around 20-25 people. As a rule of thumb, consider whether you or your partner have spent quality time with this person in the last year. An added benefit of planning a smaller wedding is that you’re able to be more selective with your guest list; you have the luxury of politely telling that third-cousin once-removed that you are simply “keeping things small and intimate.” Once you have your guest list, it’s a good time to consult with a professional wedding planner on the finer details. Our team of small wedding specialists can provide you with creative suggestions and ideas to help you find your ideal venue, officiant, photographer, food, and music. Unlike with a big, traditional wedding, which can often take more than a year to plan, a small, pop-up wedding offers greater simplicity and flexibility. Just secure your marriage license and get ready to say, “I do.” We’ll take care of the details, so you can focus on celebrating the start of a new chapter with your partner!

Venues for a small wedding in Manhattan

It’s no secret that New York is one of the five most expensive cities to get married in the United States. The average wedding in Manhattan costs upwards of $70,000, with half the cost eaten up by simply reserving your venue! Location and atmosphere are important aspects of any event, so finding your dream venue in NYC is no easy task. Luckily, our wedding specialists have searched and scouted the city for unique, memorable, and reasonably priced venues, both indoor and outdoor. One of the best ways to truly appreciate the beauty of our sprawling megalopolis is from above! Private rooftops are one of the most popular wedding event locations in Manhattan, with many providing space both inside and outside, protecting you and your guests from inclement weather. Our selected Manhattan rooftops have breathtaking views of the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, or even Lady Liberty herself. The city’s many private parks or even small restaurants with outdoor patios can also be transformed into stunning, intimate spaces for a small wedding in Manhattan. How about the iconic High Line, with its lush greenery and views of Chelsea and the Lower West Side? Or head north along the Hudson River to Wave Hill, a 28-acre estate in The Bronx. There are many small wedding venues to be found in Manhattan; you just need to know where to look!

Venues for a small wedding in Brooklyn

Why stay in Manhattan when the best view of the city is from the Brooklyn side? We love Brooklyn Bridge Park, where there are numerous spaces to create an intimate wedding ceremony and event. Our favorite spot is Jane’s Carousel, a restored 1922 carousel nestled within the park and offering an incredible view of both the skyline and the iconic bridge itself. If you prefer a more modern vibe, perhaps a rooftop with green space, the Brooklyn Grange could be the perfect option: its rooftop farm has an outstanding view of the city!

Public locations for a small wedding in NYC

New York City is full of iconic public places where having a small wedding would be absolutely unforgettable. Picture yourself at the center of Times Square just after the sun sets, with the dazzling billboards blinking bright and famous yellow taxi cabs zipping past. Choose Grand Central Station as your ceremony venue and travel back in time to old New York, with its grand architecture and stunning, starry ceiling. If it’s a small, outdoor wedding you’re after, try Washington Square Park. Hold your ceremony by the famous arch and the city architecture will provide the perfect backdrop. For even more options, venture into Central Park to find a hidden spot of your choosing and enjoy its beauty in any season.

Private rooftop with the Empire State Building view

This beautiful private rooftop is perfect for a city wedding, offering an incredible view of the Empire State Building. This venue has both inside and outside areas, including a small fireplace inside that creates a cozy atmosphere for fall and winter ceremonies. The venue is well-suited for small, intimate weddings in NYC with space to accommodate around 15-20 people standing.

Downtown private rooftop

This cozy rooftop is ideal for a small wedding ceremony in Lower Manhattan. Located downtown, the rooftop faces the Hudson River and many historic buildings. The terrace can fit up to 20 guests, seated. There is a bit of cover in case of rain, but if inclement weather arrives, we suggest moving the celebration into the restaurant next to the terrace.

The Terrace at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Considered one of the most elegant wedding venues in New York City, St. Patrick’s Cathedral actually has both inside and outside spaces for events. Those looking for a church wedding can still hold the ceremony inside while using the terrace for an intimate, chic reception for up to 45 people, seated. Local New Yorkers will find St. Patrick’s Cathedral an extremely convenient venue for their small NYC wedding.

Top Of The Rock

Not just for tourists, Top Of The Rock is also known for its stunning wedding ceremonies. Enjoy your blockbuster movie moment at this iconic venue, with the full Manhattan skyline glittering in front of you. Note that the space stays open to the public at all times. You can also reserve space in the cocktail room downstairs after the ceremony.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Modern park with incredible views to the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. With lovely foliage and green spaces, Brooklyn Bridge Park is ideal for summer and fall weddings. The park stays open to the public at all times and you will need a permit to hold a ceremony here.

Central Park

One of the most iconic locations in New York City, Central Park is always a memorable venue for a wedding. Beautiful, secluded spaces and charming gazebos are ideal for intimate ceremonies. The park stays open to the public at all times and you will need a permit to hold a ceremony here.

High Line Park

Modern, chic park in the heart of the Lower West Side. The park is small, without many private spaces, but does offer lush greenery and city views making it ideal for a small, modern wedding. The park stays open to the public at all times and you will need a permit to hold a ceremony here.

Prospect Park

Quite possibly the city’s best-kept secret! Prospect Park is less crowded and more “wild” than most parks you’ll find around the city. You can easily find isolated areas to hold a private, intimate ceremony here.