Five things you should know before eloping in spring

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Five things you should know before eloping in spring

Spring in New York is always a magical time; the snow has melted, birds are singing, and air brings that feeling of the new beginning and new life cycle. The blooming season in New York usually starts in mid-March till the end of April, and it is the most tender time of the year in the city. This is the perfect time to say “I Do,” and if you are looking for a spring elopement ceremony, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Weather

Even though the snow has already melted by this time, it is still relatively cold outside, so always dress in layers and bring warm boots with you.  There is always a possibility of rain, so we always recommend having a backup plan. Either bring the umbrellas and style your ceremony with cute umbrella shots, or you will need to move the ceremony to the covered spot. 

2. Venue

As mentioned earlier, this season is famous for its unstable weather conditions, so if you want to be sure that nothing will ruin your perfect day, we always recommend going with the elopement venues. Our favorites are the one that has an inside room and an outside terrace so that you will be covered in case of rain but also will have a terrace for the styled shoots. Most of the venues offer one-hour rentals and can accommodate up to 10 people. Please note that those types of venues do not offer reception or after ceremony options.

3. Permits

Spring is a very popular time for weddings and elopement ceremonies, so if you have a specific day and place in mind, it is always better to get a permit and secure the spot. In Central Park, places as Wagner’s Cove, Cop Cot, or the Ladies Pavilion are known for long wedding lines, and if you want to avoid unnecessary stress, you need to get a permit. All permits need 30 days’ notice for processing. The same applies to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the High Line. 

4. Colors 

The biggest highlight of spring in New York is the cherry blossoms season. If you plan to elope around this time, try to incorporate those pastel pink colors into your ceremony. It can be a hairpin or a bridal bouquet, groom’s tie, or a boutonniere, this is the perfect opportunity to blend pink and nature awakening colors into your wedding. If pink is not your color to wear, but you would love to elope around the blossoming trees, the best places for an elopement ceremony will be Central Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Riverside Park, and Roosevelt Island. 

5. Photography 

Cherry blossoms create a very romantic and delicate look for the wedding pictures and enhance the natural colors, so if you were looking for those intimate, tender pictures, this would be a perfect time. Always discuss the style of the pictures that you have in mind with your photographer. Bring some props for the shoot, such as picnic umbrellas or the “just married” sign. Pastel color balloons and simple flower bouquets would look stunning in the pictures. 
The beginning of spring is a time of renewal and optimism, and it is the perfect time to start something new and look towards the bright future.  Eloping in spring is romantic and elegant, and if that’s your favorite time of the year, contact us now at, and our professional team will help you to create the perfect wedding day for you and your partner. 

How to Include Kids in Your Wedding Ceremony?

You would be surprised, but there are a lot of ways to include kids in the wedding ceremony.

Weddings can be very tiring for kids, so it is always a good idea to occupy them with important tasks. In this way, they will feel responsible and proud to be a part of the meaningful event. Including little once to the wedding, always bring charm and extra cuteness to the ceremony and making the whole event more celebratory. So what are the roles and duties that can be preassigned to the kids?

  1. First of all, we have the page boy. Traditionally, the page boy’s responsibility was to hold the train of the bride’s dress. Nowadays it is more common for them to accompany the flower girls or the bridesmaids. Usually, boys under 10 are considered appropriate for this role. Page boys can be dressed in the kid’s tuxedos or suits.
  2. Next, will be the ring bearer. This will be the most serious position for the child as he will be carrying the actual rings to the best man. Usually, the ring bearer is a young boy between 4 – 8 years old, dressed in a tuxedo. He is walking after the groomsmen and before the flower girl. Traditionally ring bearers carry the wedding bands on a small pillow or a secured small box. Of course, there is a possibility that the rings can get lost, so you can either use the fake rings or tie the rings to the pillow so that they won’t fall. It is extremely cute to dress the ring bearer in a kid’s tuxedo or a suit.
  3. Flower girl. Flower girl usually comes after the ring bearer and just before the bride, sprinkle petals down the aisle. It is common for the flower girls to mimic the bride’s dress. Also, flower crowns and baskets are typical for the flower girl outfit.
    Flower girl appearance signals the bride’s arrival and brings attention to the moment, so it can be a little intimidating for the little child. It is possible to have several flower girls and they can be accompanied by the ring bearer or walk with the page boys.

Usually, kids are not expected to stay at the altar during the whole ceremony. After walking the aisle they can sit next to their parents or join the kids section. Of course, kids’ roles are not essential for the ceremony, unlike the officiant or the witnesses and most of the couples are not even inviting them to the wedding at all. But we really think that it brings extra cuteness to the whole event and would highly recommend asking the little ones to participate.

Also, you can easily break the traditions and bring fresh air to the wedding, by making your dog carrying the rings and your best friend or grandma to be the flower girl. Weddings are supposed to be fun and exciting for the whole family, so feel free to mix and match it until you get something that really represents you and your relationship.

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