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Justin and Kylie  Bow bridge wedding in Central Park

We met in college back in 2013.  After dating for 4 years we knew, that we want to spend the rest of our lives together. Justin proposed on Christmas Eve, by the Rockafeller tree. I remember it was the best day of my life.Read more

Devin and Vincent

How we met. Everyone always said meeting the man of your dreams will happen when you least expect it, well they’re right. It all started one day when I saw this very handsome fella liking all my Instagram pics. I immediately started liking his back.Read more

Jessica and Alessandro

Alessandro and I met in our first year of college. I had gone to high school with many of his friends, but he did not come to the same school as us, so somehow we never met before. He says that he remembers seeing me out once, and remembers me specifically as the tall blonde wearing pink shorts; however I never really remember crossing paths before. When I first saw him, I was instantly attracted to him. He was always well dressed, constantly smiling and so kind to everyone around him!Read more

Erica & Luigi wedding in Cop Cot, Central Park.

We were both law students at the NYU. We are both Italians but met in the US. During the last semester of college, we decided to get married and we really wanted all our friends, professors and parents to be present at the wedding. Weddings in the US are expensive, but it will be a double cost in Italy. So, we decided to go with the small ceremony in the park.Read more
Jhon Wick, New York