How to plan an intimate wedding in New York

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In the United States, weddings with the guest counts between 20 and 75 are generally considered ” intimate”. An intimate wedding is not a synonym to a simple wedding. Usually, fewer guests mean more resources, which will enrich the wedding experience. So, why will you choose an intimate wedding?

Why to chose an intimate wedding over a classic wedding?

Usually, the main reason why the couple wants to cut the number of guests is to stay within the budget. Think of it this way, it is much easier to accommodate and cater for 50 people than 200. Your guests can stay at a luxury hotel, and you can hire a limo service, and have a 3-course dinner, which will be affordable and budget-friendly for a smaller group. When you planning an intimate wedding in NYC, it is so much easier to find a unique venue that can accommodate a smaller group, rather than a vast banquet hall. Usually, the best big venues are booked year or two in advance, so when you have 20 or 40 people in your guest list your chances to find a perfect place are much higher. There so many intimate wedding ideas in NYC that you can do and since you don’t have 200 people to worry about you can pick a venue that YOU really like.

Intimate wedding locations in New York City.

It can be a gazebo in Central Park or a private rooftop with a breathtaking city view. The main thing is, those places will most likely need a permit or a private room rental, but in any case, the venue price won’t be too high.

One of our most favorite intimate wedding ideas in new york is the one you can do in a park.

Photo 4 Intimate wedding in New York | Dare to Dream


The High Line park is perfect for an intimate wedding, it is very chic and has a stunning backdrop for the picture.

Photo 6 Intimate wedding in New York | Dare to Dream

If you looking for something more private, the Prospect Park or the Riverside Park will be a perfect option.

Photo 8 Intimate wedding in New York | Dare to Dream

Another great option for the intimate wedding will be Top Of The Rock Rooftop. You can have 10-20 guests there and say ‘ I do’ with the incredible view. But keep in mind that space will be remaining open to the public, so plan accordingly and arrive early in the morning.

Photo 10 Intimate wedding in New York | Dare to Dream


If you like the idea of the rooftop, but want to have more privacy, our Empire State Building view rooftop will be an amazing choice. Space is absolutely gorgeous and has a direct view of the Empire State Building. You can bring 20 guests and enjoy quality time with them.

All of our packages include an officiant, photographer, flowers and space rental, which is a perfect option for an intimate wedding in New York.

Another biggest pro of having an intimate wedding is that you can have a quality time with your guests. It makes the whole wedding experience more intimate and personal. Having fewer guests will also create a more engaging atmosphere, where you can motivate friends and family into games or some other fun activities. It is also a perfect way to involve your family in a planning process and give everyone a role and things to be responsible for. But if you want your guests to be guests and fully enjoy your wedding, you definitely need to hire a wedding planner. Intimate wedding planner new york is the best contribution to the wedding. First of all, the intimate doesn’t mean simple. And if you cut the number of guests it means you can add that budget somewhere else and your intimate wedding planner will be sure you won’t exceed your budget and get what you want. Also, she will save you tons of time and nerves, that all you will have to worry is to be on time for the ceremony. Because even if it’s a small wedding, it is still a wedding and there so many things that can go wrong and you might not want to spend your energy on it.


Overall, intimate weddings are more elaborate and creative because the couple usually breaks the traditional wedding sigmas and create something new. If you planning to have an intimate wedding in New York, but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most memorable day of your life. Dream big.