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New York weddings at City Hall

Couples looking for a fast, fun and stress-free ceremony can choose a City Hall wedding. Dare to Dream is the leading NYC wedding company specializing in small, micro weddings and pop-up weddings. We work closely with our clients to make their wedding experience unique and memorable. Our team can create a luxury experience for every couple, no matter the budget.

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How to get married at City Hall in NY

There are many advantages to tying the knot at City Hall. Couples from outside of New York often choose to get married at City Hall because the simplicity means they can easily combine their wedding with a honeymoon in the Big Apple. City Hall weddings are absolutely stress and fuss-free. If a big wedding with all the friends and family members sounds like your kind of nightmare, a City Hall wedding is definitely for you. The most work you’ll need to do is to apply for the marriage license and wait your turn.

Weddings at City Hall can still be romantic. Once you’ve said, “I do” you have the day to spend exactly as you dreamed. That’s exactly what our couples choose to do after their City Hall marriage ceremony is finished. The perfect after-wedding destination is the Brooklyn Bridge, as it’s just a short walk away from the courthouse. The bridge gets busy during the day, but if you arrive in the morning it tends to be empty, letting you get some amazing photos undisturbed.

The City Hall marriage procedure is pretty easy to follow. All you need to do is apply for a marriage license online (it costs $35) and attend the ceremony in City Hall itself for $25. There is no real need to plan ahead; ceremony times are ticketed, so just show up, take a ticket and wait for your number to be called. Waiting times can be anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours on the busiest days, but you’ll be too busy gazing into your lover’s eyes to care about that! On the wedding day, you need to bring a valid photo ID (a passport for international couples), a witness (can be your photographer and must have a valid photo ID as well). Keep in mind that weddings at City Hall are not for big families as no more than 20 people will be allowed in the ceremony room. Some couples choose to get married on their lunch break and head right back to work after the quick ceremony. If that’s what you’re looking for, go for it, and if you still want to add some magic and romance to your day, Dare to Dream can help you out.

How can you personalize your Town Hall wedding? Here are some of our team’s favorite courthouse wedding ideas: Add some unique style by setting a dress code for your guests or adding a special pop of color to everyone’s outfits using flowers or accessories. You can’t always decorate the ceremony space, but you can bring some props. They can be funny signs, flowers or even confetti, all of which will enhance your photos. If you want to make a dramatic entrance, get a limo or rent a vintage bridal car. Weddings at City Hall can be colorful or traditional, it all depends on your mood and style. You can even add a personal touch to the rings and the ring box. This is your big day! You dared to dream, so enjoy it and have fun with it.