What are the best man’s duties at the wedding?

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The best man is the groom’s right-hand man before and during the wedding. It is usually a best friend or a family member appointed by the groom. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, so the main best man’s duty is to assist the groom in every way. It absolutely depends on a couple of how much they want the best man to be involved and sometimes he can get involved in the planning process or his duties can start only from the wedding day.Photo 4 What are the best man’s duties at the wedding?

Before the wedding, the best man is usually responsible for a couple of things:

  1. Helping to choose formal wear. It is common for the best man to help the groom choosing the best outfit for the wedding. And picking the colors for the rest of the groomsmen.
  2. Planning the bachelor party. This is the best man’s responsibility to find a place, invite people, plan transportation and accommodations for the party.
  3. Organize the present from the groomsmen.
  4. Assist the groom in planning and attend the rehearsal and be present at all events organized by the couple.

At the wedding, the best man is responsible:

  1. Help the groom get dressed.
  2. Take charge of the wedding rings.
  3. Stand by the groom’s side during the ceremony.
  4. Sign the marriage license as a witness
  5. Drive the couple to the reception ( if there no driver)

At the reception:

  1. Be the host and make sure everyone finds their seats
  2. Give the toast
  3. Assist the photographer to get everyone for the formal pictures
  4. Dance with the bride and maid of honor
  5. Help to deliver the presents to the couple’s apartment after the wedding


Photo 6 What are the best man’s duties at the wedding?

Can you have the best man when you are eloping? Yes, absolutely. The fact that you have an elopement instead of the traditional big wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the elements of the conventional wedding. So feel free to merge all the elements that you want into your ceremony: Ring-bearer and the flower girl (what a great way to incorporate kids into the ceremony), best man, and the maid of honor (these are the people you trust the most, so make that day special for them as well), bridal bouquet toss (such a fun way to entertain your guests and kids can take part as well), first dance (perfect way to connect with your partner and just enjoy that special moment). Also, don’t be afraid to break the traditions, if your golden retriever is your best friend, make him a dog of honor and enjoy your time together. The beauty of the elopement is that there are no strict rules in there and you are free to create your own perfect day.

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