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Small Wedding Officiant in NYC

A wedding day is one of the most important days in any couple’s lives. This is the most beautiful and at the same time the most stressful period in your life. So when you just start thinking about getting married there are a lot of small decisions you need to make in order to have that memorable day. One of those decisions will be the choice of the wedding officiant. Very often, the choice of the wedding officiant for a micro wedding in New York is left till the last month before the wedding, as many couples don’t think it is that crucial, but for the others, the choice of officiant dictates the wedding mood

How to choose an officiant for your small wedding in NYC?

The First thing you need to do is to decide whether you want a religious ceremony or not. As this can influence your location choice. Although more and more couples choose the non-standard religious venues over neutral locations, you still might need an NYC elopement officiant who is familiar with the customs of your religion. So, in this case, you might seek your officiant through the church and your place of worship. For the non-religious ceremony, you can choose your micro wedding officiant in Manhattan through a wedding planning company like us.
When you go through the small wedding ideas with your officiant, look carefully at what they are saying about their working methods. Some officiants love to meet up with the clients and collect information about the couple in person, others asking to send everything over the email and don’t see the couple until the wedding day. Most of our couples are from overseas and there are not that many opportunities for them to meet the officiant in person. So we always encourage them to arrive 15/20 min earlier and have a little chat with their intimate wedding officiant in Manhattan, just to get more comfortable with one another.

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How small wedding officiant plans the ceremony in Manhattan?

When the officiant starts to plan the ceremony, he is always asking the couple if there any elements outside the standard procedure they want to include in their wedding.

Do they want to include their love story? Exchange the vows? Will their parents want to speak? There are a lot of details that your micro wedding officiant will need to include in the finale draft in order to make the ceremony flawless. So the more open and detailed answers you will give, the better he can get prepared. Another thing that your elopement officiant in NYC will need to know is how to pronounce the names of everyone who is involved in the ceremony. The best way will be to make a list of people and transliterate their names so that he can get familiar with it.

After that, your wedding officiant will ask if you want to include any ceremony that symbolizes unity. There are many different ceremonies from all around the world for this, but the most common in New York usually the unity candle or unity sand ceremony. During the candle ceremony, your wedding officiant  will ask each of you to light up taper candles and then have a bride and a groom to light a single candle together using those two taper candles. This is a simple but very intimate wedding ceremony that will fit perfectly into the evening weddings. Another most popular unity ceremony is the sand ceremony. Our NYC micro wedding officiant loves to use this ceremony when there any kids are preset for the wedding. This is a rather fun activity that will include the whole family to work together. The idea behind that ceremony that two families unite as the sand does and can’t get separated. Usually, the colored sand is used to represent two families or it can be sand from your significant places. The bottles can have the engraving and placed home as a souvenir from the wedding.

Why us?

Dare to Dream NYC is a unique team of local wedding professionals. We know New York like no one else and we think that weddings should not be stressful. It might be very hard to look for location, officiant, photographer, florist, and coordinator separately, that is why we unite our knowledge and offering our wedding planning services in New York. Our new york small wedding officiants are thoughtful and passionate professionals, who can perform a ceremony in 3 languages and have great speaking skills. Our NYC wedding photographer was featured in many magazines as a great photographer and will make sure you get exactly what you were looking for. Our wedding planner knows the city like no one else and can suggest a unique location for a wedding ceremony. So if you are planning to get married in NY this year, but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the best day of your life. 

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