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Five things you should know before eloping in spring

Spring in New York is always a magical time; the snow has melted, birds are singing, and air brings that feeling of the new beginning and new life cycle. The blooming season in New York usually starts in mid-March till the end of April,

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Nicolas and Neecha flower heart ceremony in Central Park.

Nicolas and Neecha flower heart ceremony in Central Park.
One of the most romantic elopement options that we offer is the flower heart ceremony. Fresh flowers complement any space and make the ceremony more elegant and tasteful.

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Where to elope this winter season in New York City?

Best places to elope this winter in New York City.

New York City is ready for the Holidays, every street and district in the city is shining with Christmas decorations and it looks like it is a perfect season for an intimate elopement.

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Candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park.

One of the most intimate and romantic ceremonies that we offer is the candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park. Inspired by the “enchanted forest” theme, our team is creating an intimate atmosphere by decorating the space with 150 led candles and string lights.
The best time to start the ceremony is on the sunset when the sky is turning blue and city lights start to appear.
Our preferred locations are Cop Cot gazebo, the Ladies Pavilion, Dene Summerhouse, or the Belvedere Castle. Those locations have a wonderful view of the city skyline or the lake and look absolutely beautiful in the pictures.

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How to Include Kids in Your Wedding Ceremony?

You would be surprised, but there are a lot of ways to include kids in the wedding ceremony.
Weddings can be very tiring for kids, so it is always a good idea to occupy them with important tasks. In this way, they will feel responsible and proud to be a part of the meaningful event. Including little once to the wedding, always bring charm and extra cuteness to the ceremony and making the whole event more celebratory. So what are the roles and duties that can be preassigned to the kids?

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Ryan and Grace penthouse elopement in New York

Ryan and Grace met back in 2004 when they both went to the same high school in the Philippines.
Ryan had a huge crush on Grace but after graduation, he moved to New York and Grace stayed in the Philippines. The two met again back in 2013 in New York and realized that they still have feelings for each other. 7 years later, New York became the symbolic place for the couple to say ” I do” in the presence of friends and family.

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Beautiful elopement at Cop Cot, Central Park

Shelby and Mohammad were looking for an intimate ceremony location in Central Park. The couple wanted to keep the ceremony small and with the immediate family members only, so we knew that they would love the Cop Cot location. This beautiful gazebo is perfect for small ceremonies and its location is ideal for wedding pictures. The gazebo is located up on the hill and gives the Manhattan skyline views, that is why it is one of the best spots in the area.

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Tompkins Square Park Elopement

Our original plan was a 100-110 person wedding at the DUMBO Loft in Brooklyn. We picked this space due to its small and intimate size, it fit our budget perfectly,

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How to write your wedding vows

Writing your own wedding vows might be really hard and many couples choose to omit this option because they simply don’t know what to write there. From the experience, vows exchange is the most intimate moment of the ceremony,

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Should you have music for your elopement ceremony?

Modern elopements are not the same as they used to be back in the days when the couple was running away from the house and secretly got married.
Nowadays planning your elopement takes as much time and effort as planning your big fancy wedding. The only difference is the sizing of the event. It is a common misconception to think that if the couple is getting eloped they don’t need to follow the official ceremony rules.

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