Candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park.

9am - 10pm

Candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park.

One of the most intimate and romantic ceremonies that we offer is the candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park. Inspired by the “enchanted forest” theme, our team is creating an intimate atmosphere by decorating the space with 150 led candles and string lights.

The best time to start the ceremony is on the sunset when the sky is turning blue and city lights start to appear. Our preferred locations are Cop Cot gazebo, the Ladies Pavilion, Dene Summerhouse, or the Belvedere Castle. Those locations have a wonderful view of the city skyline or the lake and look absolutely beautiful in the pictures.

Why will this ceremony suit you?

Photo 4 Candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park.

If you are looking for an intimate celebration this will be a perfect choice for you. Designed for a small group ( up to 10ppl), this ceremony is ideal for couples who want to celebrate with the close family circle and maintain social distancing. If sunsets always gave you chills, this is a perfect elopement package for you.


What to enhance the experience?

We are offering the crescent moon arch to enhance the experience.
White rose petals to create the illusion of the milky way.

Looking for an upgrade?

Our Sunset rooftop will be an ideal match for this ceremony. Imagine staying on the rooftop with million city lights around you and the night sky above. This rooftop has a truly spectacular view of the city and ideal for sunset watching. It has three different rooftop levels, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Photo 6 Candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park.


If you are looking to elope this holiday season, this beautiful package would be all you need for the intimate family celebration. If you have any questions, please contact us directly as