Best places to get elope this Spring season in New York City

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Spring in New York is absolutely spectacular and if you were planning to get elope, this is the best time to do so. Snowdrops, daffodils, Cornelia cherry, and magnolia trees are blooming right now and it gives the grey city this new look of awakening. It goes without saying that spring symbolizes a new beginning, new life circle, and you can not choose a better moment than this to get married. We understand the current coronavirus precocious and want to assure you that all our officiants and photographers are maintaining the zero contact policy. These are our safe elopement packages for the ongoing outbreak situation.


Photo 4 Best places to get elope this Spring season in New York City

1) Central Park

Of course, Central Park will be the first one on our list. We especially love the Ladies Pavilion for this time of the year. Its beautiful, elegant structure looks absolutely beautiful during the day and the lake and city background makes it perfect for the pictures. If you looking for the blooming Cornelia Cherry trees, the lawn on the left side of the Bethesda Terrace has lots of pink beauties, so you can get eloped at the Terrace and walk to the lawn for a spring wedding photo session.

2) Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden will be the next one on our list. With the annual Sakura Festival, this garden has lots of Magnolia trees all over the park. The most popular will be the Magnolia alley, located in the middle of the park. This place is ideal for an intimate elopement ceremony. The diversity of the park gives a professional elopement photographer a wide range of locations for the photo session, so will be ready to spend a couple of hours there.

3) Roosevelt Island

has it all, the breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline and hidden park full of magnolia trees. This place is perfect for intimate pop up weddings and elopements. Also, there is an old chapel on the island for those who are seeking a religious ceremony, which is just 10 minutes away from the park. You can get married in the chapel and have a photo session by the waterfront.

Spring elopement ideas

This is a very tender season, so we will recommend soft, nude, pastel colors. Soft pink bridal bouquet and boutonniere will look absolutely stunning on the pictures. Also, grass green and pastel yellow colors will help to enhance the mood. The pastel pink bridal dress would look absolutely amazing among the magnolia trees. For more traditional couples, we would recommend having the second outfit, which they can switch after the ceremony and take pictures. Also, don’t forget about the props. Everything from gigantic balloons, to pink matcha latte and pink scooters, can be a great addition to the pictures.


Photo 6 Best places to get elope this Spring season in New York City

Finally, the rooftop season is officially open and you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline from above. It is the time of stunning sunsets and what can be more romantic than getting married on a rooftop with the pink sky above you. Our rooftops are located all over the city and Brooklyn areas and almost all of them have the Empire State Building views. If you are still seeking for nature, the rooftop garden can be the best option for you. Elegant venue for a marriage proposal in New York.

Elopement Photography

Spring wedding photography is always beautiful, as nature is just awakening and the sun is not so harsh as during the summer months. Perfect time for tender photo sessions and love story shots. We always recommend talking to your photographer before the wedding and decide what style of pictures you are looking for. Also, don’t forget to bring a second outfit for the shoot, it will help to create another mood for the pictures and make the photo session more diverse.

Spring months in New York are officially from March till May and those are the months when the trees and flowers start to bloom. We would highly recommend eloping during this time as it’s not too hot yet not cold already and nature looks fantastic on the pictures. If you planning to elope this spring season, but you don’t know what location to choose or don’t even know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Photo 8 Best places to get elope this Spring season in New York City

Simple Ceremony and Photography

Photo 10 Best places to get elope this Spring season in New York City

Midtown Rooftop Ceremony

Photo 12 Best places to get elope this Spring season in New York City

Downtown Manhattan Private Rooftop