How to plan a perfect Fall elopement.

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One of the most beautiful seasons in New York is finally here, and we are very excited to start the fall elopement ceremonies. It is this time of the year when the parks are blooming with colors and the sun is still shining bright, the perfect season to get married. So, what do you need to know to plan your ideal fall elopement?

1. Colors
Nature is changing at this season and the color palette is very diverse, from the deep burgundy and red colors to a bright yellow and orange. Add these colors to your outfits; it can be yellow shoes and a yellow bowtie for your partner. Choose a bouquet with the burgundy flowers in it have a matching lipstick.

2. Weather
Fall in New York is no joke, it can be nice and sunny one minute and pouring rain another. So, be prepared. If you are planning a ceremony outside, find a cute coat that you can use in case the weather changes. Also, order nice matching umbrellas for you and your partner, in case of rain, plus it will look very pleasant on the pictures.

3. Location
It is the perfect time for outdoor weddings, but again, the weather can change very quickly, and you might not want to have a ceremony under the pouring rain. If you have a venue, choose the one with the inside and outside areas. If you were planning to get eloped in a park, always ask your planner for a plan B, go through the options together and choose the one you like. But never go blindfolded, as you might not like it and your special day will be ruined.

4. Transport
If you having a ceremony in Central Park, keep into consideration the fact that you need to walk to your ceremony location. Some of the most popular spots, which are not far in a park are easily accessible, but for others, you might need to walk. It sounds like a good idea but in most cases, the dirt and dust will be stuck on a dress and shoes, plus the wind messes up the hair. We highly recommend taking the horse and carriage ride or the pedicabs. You want to look nice and clean at your wedding, so always think of how are you going to get to the location first.

5. Decorations
Use the seasonal items, such as sunflowers, pumpkins, corn, fall flowers for the decorations. Do not use plastic decorations, as at this season you can get all of it fresh and natural. Plus it is better for the environment.

5. Photo and Video
It is absolutely a must! Fall weddings are always looked stunning on the pictures, so do your research and find a photographer with the style that you like. Talk to your photographer about the poses and the general mood of the pictures that you want to have. Maybe send him an inspiration mood board, but don’t wait till the last minute, when the ceremony is minutes away and you ask him to do some shots he is not prepared for.

We hope that those tips will be helpful for you and if you are planning to get eloped this fall season, but don’t know where to start the planning process, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable wedding experience.